‘He can do whatever he sets his mind to’

Exchange student strives for new dream

Photo courtesy of Beshoy Ewida
Beshoy Ewida earned a one-year scholarship to study in the United States, which was his dream for five years. Now, it is his dream to stay.

Beshoy Ewida has a new dream.  

The undergraduate exchange student said it was his dream for five years to travel from Egypt to the United States, and since accomplishing that dream, he found something new to strive for.

“If anyone has a dream, they should go for it,” Ewida said. “I achieved my dream of coming to the U.S. after many ups and downs, and now my dream is to stay.”

Ewida is one of the many international students at the university participating in the Intensive English Program (IEP). Once he finishes the program, Ewida wants to begin studying business administration at the university.

Ewida said he wants to finish his education in the United States because he likes the education system and the opportunities available for him here.

“One of the things I love about the United States is that everyone is encouraging,” Ewida said. “If you are not doing well, they encourage you and say you can get better. If you are not a successful man now, they will make you into a successful man.”

Ewida said that if he is able to complete his education in the United States, he will visit home and help his friends there. He said he plans to teach them the skills he learns in his classes at the university.

Ewida’s helpfulness extends to anyone he meets, and he helps many of his friends in International Club and IEP.

“No two people are the same,” Ewida said. “Every person has a different experience and learns things differently. And I can help my friends with things they might not understand yet.”

Ewida dove head first into involvement at the university and said he hopes this proves that he is committed and engaged and gives him a better chance at staying in the United States.

Ewida plans to apply to be an AMIGO as well as a Student Ambassador.

Ewida said he has felt great support from the USI community as well as friendships in the International Club. He said his friendship with Diego Castillo Koussa has been an immense help and inspiration to him.

Castillo Koussa, an international student from Venezuela, said he has been a friend and emotional support for Ewida. The sophomore mechanical engineering and French studies major met Ewida the first day of move in and said they became instant friends.

“There is this international thing,” Castillo Koussa. “You are drawn to other international students. Even though the people here at USI are really nice, you go towards other international students because they know what you are going through.”

Castillo Koussa said when he arrived in the U.S. in 2017, he was fortunate enough to make friends with another international student from Venezuela who arrived in the States the year before. Castillo Koussa said he became his mentor and helped him assimilate to American culture.

Photo courtesy of Beshoy Ewida
Ewida smiles next to Heidi Gregori-Gahan, the assistant provost for international programs and services, outside a local resturant.

Castillo Koussa said he wanted to be that mentor for Ewida.

“When I came here, it was like new language, new city, new country, new friends. It was a new life,” Castillo Koussa said. “It’s different when you have someone by your side that knows everything already than when you are just by yourself and you have to figure it out alone.”

Castillo Koussa said it was only a week into the semester when Ewida told him he wanted to stay in the United States. He said that Ewida is hardworking and committed, often finding him in the study lounge doing homework at 1 a.m., and said that he will be able to do whatever he sets his mind to.

“He is a guy who has a lot of potential,” Castillo Koussa said. “Not just academically, but personally. He has a really good motivation and he works hard. He was rejected to come here to the U.S. five times and he never gave up, he just applied again, and that shows a lot about someone.”