Food truck festival tops Springfest lineup

Ciera McCann, Staff Writer

Source: Pixaby
Four different food trucks will occupy parking lot D from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. April 12 for USI’s annual Springfest.

It is time to have fun and to take a break from the stress of the school.

Springfest, the annual campus event to celebrate the end of the semester, will take place from April 11-13 on campus.

Jennifer Garrison, assistant director of student development programs, said that SpringFest is a kind of end-of-year blowout. She said there are lots of activities planned for this year.

“We try to do something new every year,” Garrison said. “This year, our big, new thing is a food truck festival.”

Garrison said there will be four different food trucks from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. April 12 parked in parking lot D. She said all students need to do is show their student I.D. and they receive two food vouchers.

Garrison also said there will be other activities like airbrush bags, tattoos, a snow cone truck, and an epic magic tour featuring three award-winning magicians. Free t-shirts will also be given out during SpringFest.

Garrison said she thought this year’s t-shirts were the best ones she’s seen.

“They’re just so soft and nice,” she said. “I really like them.”

Senior criminal justice major Erica Richardson said her favorite experiences from SpringFest have been the henna tattoos or the slushies.

There are many students, however, who do not know about SpringFest.

Lindsey Riddle, a sophomore political science major, said she didn’t even know what SpringFest was until she looked it up.

“All I know is that there’s free stuff,” she said.

Riddle suggested SpringFest use the chalk ads on campus sidewalks.

“I always take the time to read those as I walk across campus,” she said.

Garrison said SpringFest is about to start its “advertising blitz” to get the word out.  

She said they are going to have table tents, ads on social media, and during the event, they are going to have Snapchat filters, posters, fidget spinner pins and cutlery sets for the commuter students who oftentimes bring their lunches.

Garrison also said that Springfest is still looking for volunteers for events. A signup genius link is located on the USI Springfest Facebook page for students who are interested.