Pemberton chosen as next Chief Financial Officer

Riley Guerzini, News Editor

Photo courtesy of Grant Pemberton
Junior Finance major Grant Pemberton was chosen as SGA’s next Chief Financial Officer by the SGA Executive Board Jan. 11.

The student government executive board has selected junior finance major Grant Pemberton as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the semester.

Pemberton will be replacing junior economics and international studies major Keegan Roembke who is studying abroad this semester.

He said Roembke gave him advice on a number of things like how to enter numbers into the budget and how to run meetings.

“I was kind of Keegan’s understudy in grant committee meetings as well as budget meetings,” Pemberton said. “I asked him for pointers on how he runs the meetings and those types of things.”

He said his top goals this semester are making sure there is an easy transition from Roembke to him as the next CFO and making sure there is enough money to use for grants at the end of the semester instead of using it all at the beginning.

“The former CFO Keegan, was a great friend of mine,” Administrative Vice President of University Affairs Trevion McFarland said. “I think there is no better person than Grant, to follow in his footsteps in the CFO position. Grant and I attend the same church and no matter if it is there, on the golf course, in the board room, or in pass by, Grant is always respectful, shaking my hand, and smiling.”

McFarland said Pemberton will do great in his new role as he is good with numbers, has great people skills and can deal with the demands of being the CFO.

Before becoming CFO, Pemberton served as a College of Business Representative where he led the effort to upgrade the furniture on the balcony of the Business and Engineering Center, an over $6,000 project that is expected to be implemented in the near future.

As CFO, Pemberton will be managing SGA’s $90,000 budget and lead grant and budget committee meetings.

SGA grants will have four deadlines over the semester with the first one coming Jan. 31.

Pemberton said he is also the treasurer of the campus chapter of I Am Second, a non-profit organization designed to inspire people to put Jesus Christ first. He admitted his new role will carry more responsibility though as I Am Second only operates on a $1,000 grant.

“I have a lot of energy I can bring,” he said. “I am a very energetic guy, I’m knowledgeable. I take my studies very seriously and I think that is going to have me really prepared for this position.”