Students react to radical preachers

Megan Thorne, Chief Photographer

After listening to Brother Jed speak, Mariah Paris said she started to cry.

“This just isn’t normal,” she said. “The fact that he is here and is just blaspheming and thinking he is spreading the word of God and he isn’t.”

Jed and Brother Mikhail gave their testimonies outside the Art Center Monday afternoon, holding signs saying “Ho No Mo” and making derogatory statements toward students.

“Although this man has made some very good points, he has also made some horrible judgements about people here, and in my opinion, that is not God,” she said. “…The fact that he is saying such hurtful and derogatory terms and using such negativity to build himself up and make himself seem like a Kingdom worker is really upsetting. He is not a Kingdom worker.”

Paris, a sophomore social work and criminal justice major, said she decided to attend the speech after her friend told her about it, and after hearing what he had to say she decided to stay.

Paris, the most vocal student throughout the demonstration, said often she would question him and fight back resulting in him not knowing how to reply.

“He is just saying these terrible things and when people spit back things that he hasn’t rehearsed at him he doesn’t know how to respond,” Paris said. “Which I think therefore verifies the fact that he doesn’t need to be here and that this is not something that should be partaking right now with all the politics and everything else that is going on in this conversation.”