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As much as one would love to go to every party, make every dinner date and see every movie, there’s nothing wrong with cancelling plans to make time for more important things.

This group of friends wants to get together Friday night. This other group of friends wants to get together Saturday night.

You go into work every day this weekend from 7 to 4, not to mention that exam scheduled for Monday morning.

Your date wants to know what you’re doing Monday night.

Oh, and do not forget all of the homework that needs to get done before Tuesday.

I can’t be the only person who gets home from work at 11:30p.m., studies until 1a.m., wakes up at 6a.m., then rushes to get to campus at 7a.m., because they have an exam at 10a.m.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of never saying “no” to any new invitation, packing one’s schedule with parties, hangouts and dates.

When one is balancing school with a full-time job, it can be difficult enough just to turn in homework assignments on time.

That sort of stress isn’t helped by numerous social obligations.

We want to be able to have it all, but sometimes it just can’t happen.

Sometimes friends just have to take a backseat to your studies.

As much as it sucks, and as lame as it sounds, sometimes the best way to respond to an invite is “Sorry, dude, I can’t make it.”

Stay focused on your priorities, especially with the semester drawing to a close.

Grades are more important than going to the movies every week.

Arriving to work on time and getting paid take precedent over a night of laser tag and mini-golf.

That date is going to have wait for a day when there aren’t exams to study for or papers to write.

Okay, maybe keep that date on the schedule. Outright canceling on them is just rude.

Maybe slip them a few flashcards to read to you every now and then. They’ll understand.

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