SAGA to host ‘Gender and Sexuality Across the Globe’

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The Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) has been extra busy this semester pumping out event after event.

The most recent event the organization held was the LGBTQ Spiritual Conversational Night, which resulted in a  turnout of almost twenty students within the community as well as a panel of advisors.

Now, the student-led organization is looking for students to come out and experience the Sexuality and Gender Across the Globe Event.

Kayla Dick, a senior psychology major and the leader of SAGA has been busy trying to put together events that melt the relationships of LGBTQ members with other students around campus.

Johann works out of the Student Development Programs Office, which oversees several student organizations on campus, SAGA being one of them.

“It’s important to come out to this event because when people think of the LGBTQ community, there’s more to their identity than just being that. There are people that are from other cultural identities and everyone will be able to see that each other has a lot of shared interests,” said Kyle Johann, the program coordinator for student organizations and leadership.

SAGA encourages students to participate in a variety of campus events and hopes the organization’s future events will appeal.

“Students should come out to this event, whether they are in the community or not because 1: it’s a great way to support other people, and 2: meet new people that are of different cultural identities and potentially find out that you all have a lot of shared interests,” Johann said.

SAGA and the Student Development Programs Office are continually teaming up to get students involved and participate in events that they wouldn’t normally attend.

“Our goal with this event is to bring people together so they can learn about each other and realize that they are similar to each other,” Johann said, “but ultimately sit down together and learn something.”