Alumni moves merchant services company to Newburgh

Riley Guerzini, News Editor

Riley Guerzini
Allan Noe, founder of Approval Payment Solutions, cuts the ribbon in front of the new facility Thursday, Nov. 2.

When Allan Noe founded Approval Payment Solutions in 1998, he had just two employees.

APS, a merchant services and payment processing company, moved its headquarters from Boonville to Newburgh as part of the company’s effort to expand.

The move to Stahl Road puts APS on the borderline of Warrick and Vanderburgh county.

Noe, a university alum, founded the company with his wife, Kellie, in May of 1998 and has since grown to 42 employees, nine of which were hired since the company officially moved into the multi-million dollar facility Aug. 12 after a being in the Boonville location for 19 years. He said he wanted to remain in Warrick County but be closer to Evansville to make it easier to reach clients who are staying in the city.

“What this location is going to do for us is leapfrog us into many more opportunities,” he said. “We didn’t have the credibility operating out of an old building that we needed for our company. It’s just much more convenient and visible.”

Riley Guerzini
APS founder and CEO Allan Noe welcomes the community to the new building on 10999 Stahl Road next to his wife Kellie Thursday, Nov. 2.

APS partners with chambers of commerce and hundreds of banks around the country and processes over $2 billion annually, ranking them as a Top 50 Independent Sales Organization in merchant services in the United States.

APS’ Panacea Group is newest marketing arm of the company, offering website design, Search Engine Optimization products among other options.

“We are definitely growing and that’s part of the reason we needed to move,” Noe’s son Jacob, who works in sales support for the company, said. “Boonville was great to us, we picked up a lot of great employees there and we had a lot of success there but now with our digital marketing, we are wanting to branch out a little bit more.”

Jacob Noe graduated from USI in 2016 with a degree in Public Relations and has been working for his father ever since.

“It’s very cool but at the same time it’s a little stressful because I have to try to live up to what he has done,” he said. “He has put me in roles where he wants me to learn every aspect of the company and that’s why I’m in the position I am now.”

Jacob said his goal is to someday takeover the company when his dad retires.

Representative support employee Cole Lawrence said he has worked with APS for two years and believes the move will have a huge impact on the growth of the company.

“Evansville and Newburgh are expanding rapidly and the company is also expanding rapidly, which gives us a lot of job opportunity to get people in here and help us grow,” the 2016 graduate said.

Noe, who graduated USI in 1989 with a degree in marketing, said he has hired eight former Screaming Eagles in the last two years.

“It was $36 a credit hour and there were 3600 students when I started there,” he said. “It’s really grown a lot.”

Noe served on the committee to help name USI and said the his time at the university helped him to become the business leader he is today.

He said he hopes to continue to expand and become a top 20 merchant services company.

“We are going to have to look for more acquisitions, partners, employees, more everything,” he said. “The only way you can grow in this business is to have feet on the street. It’s a tough industry and we’re winning.”