A delighted loser

Being a winner is one of the most desirable titles one can achieve.

It feels nice to be able to say you’ve achieved a status above others.

People crave the euphoria of being crowned the sole winner of something just because it sets them apart from the rest, and creates this pseudonym of being perfect or flawless.

I love winning just as much as the next person, but I have found losing is still an accomplishment because it paves a more constructive work ethic moving forward.

This past weekend I had the opportunity of competing against thirteen other individuals in my first Men’s Physique competition.

The top five physiques were awarded medals for being the most appealing physiques out of the division.

I did not win any of the top five places; however, I still had the time of my life that day.

I received positive feedback from the judges, and I am using that to move forward into future competitions.

When you lose, you learn more about yourself, what areas derive from your strengths and which areas settle as your weaknesses. Winning creates the illusion that all areas of yourself are perfect and don’t need any work or further development.

This is not true.

I believe that everyone has flaws and is imperfect. There can always be room for improvement on something.

Striving for perfection isn’t an abolishment either; this is a great work ethic and mentality to possess when working towards your goals.

I have just noticed that people who obsess over being perfect all the time become depressed and disgruntled when they aren’t awarded first place for their perfection obsession.

Losing should be taken constructively and mindfully by assessing the criticism and comparisons and applying them forward toward your next test or contest.

Whether it be a race, a competition, presenting a project or even writing a paper;,work very hard and strive for perfection, but don’t expect to win or receive top marks.

Stay humble with your work.

After giving it your all and delivering every possible facet, gear your mind to receiving feedback that will positively help you in future endeavors.

Don’t look at the feedback you receive as an insult to your hard work and perfection.

This just leaves you in a grumpy mood, and nobody likes a sore loser.

Be a delighted loser knowing you always have the next go around to outperform yourself.