Archie’s Army aims to break from SGA


Photo courtesy of Photo Services

Members of Archie’s Army cheer on the volleyball team during a game last year. The organization is the university’s official student section.

In just two years, Archie’s Army has outgrown its SGA roots.

Archie’s Army, which is the “student cheer block” at university sporting events according to SGA’s website, was brought up as an initiative to the General Assembly last year to recreate the former student section, Red Zone, currently a subsidiary of the Student Government.

“A couple weeks ago, Dr. Kiessling mentioned to me that she thought it would be a good idea to start thinking about making it its own organization, so I’ve been trying to figure out what the process is of making it its own organization, and I would have to withdraw from SGA,” Associate Vice President of Archie’s Army Bailey Anderson said.

Currently a subsidiary of the Student Government, Anderson said Archie’s Army has been limited by SGA in terms of funding and communication.

“There is a conference I would like to go to over the summer, and because we are a part of SGA, we are not allowed to apply for any of the SGA grants,” she said. “Unless I’m paying out of my own pocket, I don’t really have any way to pay for it, so becoming our own organization would allow us to apply for those grants.”

Anderson said if Archie’s Army spends over $400 on an event, she has to propose a resolution to the General Assembly and wait for their approval before she can proceed. She said this has been more difficult this year because of the growth of Archie’s Army.

“This year we have had more events as well as an increase in members,” she said. “Now we have anywhere between 15 and 20 consistent members at our meetings.”

To become an organization, Archie’s Army must find an advisor and a source for a budget.

Anderson said she plans to set up a meeting with the Athletics department to see if there would be anyone interested in being their advisor.

She said she is less worried about the budget because of the opportunity to apply for SGA grants and because of funding from outside sources and other organizations such as APB.

The current budget for Archie’s Army is $7000, with $3400 from SGA and $3600 from Athletics.

Anderson said Archie’s Army has received over $10000 of additional funding from outside sources.

She said there is no time table for when Archie’s Army expects to officially separate from SGA.
“I’m more focused on what needs to be done, and I want to leave on good terms,” she said. “It could be a two month thing or it could be a two year thing.”