Award season attempts to get political

Men and women love to see the different gowns and risque outfits that musicians and celebrities wear to the Grammys and the Oscars.

Recently, the 59th Grammy Awards show aired. Being the first award show of the year, most didn’t know what to expect.

With the election season coming to an end, most celebrities used social media and other ways of letting the public know their personal opinions on the candidates at the time.

Honestly, I do not think it is their place.

Especially considering the awards season is upon us, which means millions of people will come together to see what these so-called celebrities have to say.

Within the first 10 minutes of the Grammys, it got political with Jennifer Lopez letting the world know that it’s more important to come together now more than ever and take a stand.

The first point I have to make about celebrities getting political is they don’t attract everyone, and with products they have to sell and endorsement deals they must make, their goal is to attract as many people as possible.

Second, people watch these shows not to hear what they should be doing.

They want to watch music and the entertainment.

During the Grammys, musicians would get up on stage and disrespect the current president just because of personal dislike.

If you feel the need to make your voice heard, do it in a fashion in which people are willing to listen and ready for what you will say.

People don’t need to hear it when they’ve come expecting something else.

The most important lesson I was ever taught was you don’t have to like the president, or agree with his actions, or want to meet him, but you should always respect him.

There is a time and a place for voices to be heard, but lashing out and going off topic on important nights when people are waiting to hear if they’ve received one of the biggest awards of their career is not one of them.