Thank You Card Vs. Thank You Tour

Most presidents show their gratitude for being elected as president of the United States through speeches and fulfilling the promises they made to America during their campaign.

President Elect Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have departed on a battleground state tour, thanking the people of America for his bid of presidency.

This can be seen two different ways: either completely crazy and inappropriate or as thinking of the American people and showing gratitude.

The president should be able to visit a few states and be grateful to the people who choose him to be a leader, however, he should spend more time preparing for his leadership position than posing in front of the cameras.

A campaign is for candidates to pose for cameras, sign autographs, and inform the people what they hope to accomplish as president.

A campaign is for candidates to make their promises and leave an impression on the American people.

Time flies by and the president is elected into office.

After the election, the president prepares for their first one hundred days in office; deciding who will be in their cabinet, and who they will nominate for the major roles in the government.

Trump chose to allow others lead the transition and plan the first major decisions; one of which being Vice President elect Mike Pence.

Pence has been in and out of Trump’s tour and living in New York as he helped guide Trump in his transition from local New York businessman to President of the United States.

It is all fun and games until a candidate becomes the leader of one of the most successful countries in the world.

There are many important issues going on in our world right now and the decisions the new president makes are extremely important for what type of country the United States will become in the course of four years.

I do not think America nor Trump can afford a”time off”, especially considering the current issues that have been making headlines.

Donald Trump; it is time to step away from the lights, cameras, and planes and sit down and get to work.