Reaction is worth a thousand words

​A few weeks ago, a new president was elected into office.

The president has the ability to appoint the leaders of each branch of government, sign in new laws, abolish laws the previous leader signed and access top secret information.

Each president is either disliked or completely inspiring.

​Hillary Clinton had her fans and supporters, and Donald Trump has his.

With each candidate, there was a long train of problems that followed them, and each party had a candidate that made them just a tad nervous.

Election night was projected to be a night that completely belonged to Hillary Clinton.

It was said that Clinton had already been selecting White House rugs and curtains to decorate her new beloved home. Within the first few hours of polls closing and votes being counted, the odds looked strong for Hillary and it seemed to be an easy night, but it didn’t go according to plan.

Once Trump swiped Florida, it was expected he would be our next president.

​The morning after the election, once people were done celebrating and got those few hours of sleep in before things returned to normal, I saw a different reaction from the left side than I experienced as a Trump supporter.

Hillary Clinton lost a race. A race that was voted on by the American people.

The Electoral College was created so an equal and unbiased race between two candidates could be fairly sorted out. There is no reason to wipe out a historical electoral college due to a president being deemed “unacceptable” to some.

Eight years ago, some Americans had to accept Barack Obama as the president, eventually respected  him and shuffled along. I don’t recall hundreds of people blocking intersections and streets to other cars, burning American flags, threatening and beating up innocent men and women, and causing, not something I like to call an uprising, but what others call a tantrum.

Protesting is one thing that I believe American freedoms have granted us the right to do: spreading your voice in a case that means so much to you.

Popular celebrities such as Lady Gaga have spread their voices over social media and taken part in these demonstrations, but these celebrities have moved on with their lives. They move on remembering that love will always win. Lady Gaga is not in the streets burning flags and beating people.

The best thing to do in this situation is to stay true to yourself, and keep in mind that lashing out physically toward others or being disrespectful is NOT something that will fix any problem.

Protest and say what you will, but always show class and respect. Showing respect to an individual who is unaware of what respect is might influence them in a positive way. Showing verbal and physical violence to someone who is unaware of respect will influence them in a negative way.

You do not have to like the president, but  you should always show the president respect.