SGA members negotiate 16-17 budget

Alex Hoffmann wasn’t happy with Aaron McCullough’s Student Government Association budget proposal.

McCullough, SGA’s Chief Financial Officer, presented a tentative budget for the organization to follow in 2016-17 at the organization’s meeting April 7.

He said because the student population has decreased, revenue from two years ago added up to only $79,000, which is $2,000 short of what SGA spends per year. McCullough said his proposed budget could require adjustments depending on this year’s enrollment.

He proposed the budget for Archie’s Army decrease from $5,000 to $3,600, while travel grants increase from $30,000 to $35,000.

Hoffmann, the administrative vice president for Archie’s Army, said it doesn’t make sense for the student section’s budget to be cut.

“I think it’s a little erroneous to spend our money on sending people away from our university rather than funding activities and events within our university,” he said. “If that money were to go to Archie’s Army, it would be substantially more impactful.”

McCullough said travel grants are impactful because it allows Greek Life organizations on campus to attend conferences and renew their chapters.

“It funds the rugby team, the dance teams and others, as well as academic competitions to push our education,” McCullough said.

Hoffmann said he recognizes the importance of travel grants, but he would like to see that grant money spent more frugally so Archie’s Army’s budget can increase.

“I’m looking at how much Archie’s Army is receiving and looking at the budget in my mind, and half of it would be used on one event,” he said. “If we’re going to be effective, we can’t lose half of our budget on one thing. That would be preposterous.”

Archie’s Army Secretary Matt Kreutzer said this year, most of the organization’s money was spent on promotional items for events such as Midnight Madness.

“We brainstorm as a group thinking about what we could do to appeal (to) students and help draw a better crowd,” he said.

McCullough and Hoffmann reached an agreement in which McCullough will adjust the budget to allot $6,000 to Archie’s Army and decrease the money for grants.

In general, McCullough said internal spending to benefit SGA will decrease and shift to provide more external funding.

Paying office workers makes up three percent of the budget, while salaries for paid SGA members make up 19 percent of the budget. Only the four-member executive board of SGA is paid.

Money allotted for SGA shirts increased as the organization has both T-shirts and polo shirts, as did funding for SGA’s fall retreat and holiday celebrations.

Delegation events hosted by SGA were allotted $1,000.

Grant money makes up 50 percent of the entire proposed budget.

McCullough said if any further funding needs to be cut, it would likely be from the travel grant allotment.