Adjunct arrested for DUI


English adjunct instructor Kelley Ashby was arrested Friday after police pulled her over and found she was driving while intoxicated.

Ashby teaches one English 201 course.

She was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and endangering a person, operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration equivalent or more than .15 and unsafe lane movement without a signal.

Her license has been suspended for 180 days and she has been referred to The Drug and Alcohol Deferral Service (DADS), an early intervention court program.

Ashby was released on her own recognizance, and a review hearing is scheduled for May 5.

The University Handbook states faculty are deemed to be adults “responsible for their own behavior and are expected to obey the law and university rules regarding drugs and alcohol.”

It states administration, faculty and support staff must comply with the government and “refuse to engage in actions that violate the ethical principles contained in (the handbook) or provisions of (the) law.”

The document provides specific guidelines for dealing with alcohol violations by faculty on campus, but charges occurring outside university-controlled property is not addressed.

The university confirmed that Ashby remains employed and is still teaching.