Fourth sex offense reported

A forcible rape was reported in the university crime log March 2. This is the fourth rape reported in four months.

The incident occurred more than five months prior than when the report was filed.

The log states the rape took place between 11-11:59 p.m., Oct. 24, 2015,  at a “non-campus” location.

The log also stated the case was referred to a law enforcement agency.

Central Dispatch was not called to the university at the time of the report.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding told The Shield he would “get back” to the publication with more information, then asked for a specific address. The university crime log did not provide one.

The first rape report was filed Nov. 18, as occurring in Newman Hall.

The second rape, reported Dec. 2., allegedly occurred in the campus apartments Nov. 23.

The third rape was reported this semester to have occurred Feb. 5, in campus housing.

The sheriff’s office did not respond to The Shield’s records request concerning the third rape.

The response time exceeds the seven-day legal maximum amount of time the office should respond.

Assistant Dean of Students Laurie Berry said there are no limitations in reporting rapes on campus.

“It can be something that happened yesterday, today or several years out,” she said at the dean of students’ office’s screening of “The Hunting Ground,” a college sexual assault documentary. “Any kind of report that comes in, in that manner,” Berry said, “we will follow up and investigate.”