SGA impeaches representative

Four-year member loses position over office hours

The Student Government Association impeached Aaron Gottman, former Administrative Vice President for University Affairs, during a committee meeting Tuesday.

After four years of involvement with SGA, the senior business administration major was charged with neglect of duty, absenteeism, disobedience of instructions, disobedience of bylaws and standing rules and persistent violation.

Gottman is currently in the process of appealing his impeachment to the Dean of Students’ Office. The next step for him would be presenting his case to a University Appeals Committee, which currently does not exist.

Vice President Liz Downard said SGA impeached Gottman because he continuously did not complete office hours.

She said all five charges boiled down to that.

“We attempt to cover all the bases in case one charge doesn’t stick,” Downard said.

She said SGA is trying to figure out how to assemble the committee needed for a formal impeachment appeals process.

Gottman is one of three SGA members to be brought up for impeachment, Downard said.

Former representative Tanner Milazzo resigned before he could be formally impeached, and former representative Roger Moore has not been in attendance at meetings recently.

“(Milazzo) resigned in order to save his ability to be in SGA next year,” Downard said. “Once you’ve been impeached, you can’t serve.”

Gottman said a hectic schedule kept him from completing office hours.

“A person can be so busy that you can’t always remember you have to do something else,” he said. “Mine happens to be office hours.”

He said office hours have been low on his list of priorities.

“It seems rather minuscule,” Gottman said. “It’s silly to be so stringent. If you look through the bylaws, there could be a lot more people out of the organization.”

He said even though he’s impeached, other students still ask him for information pertaining to SGA.

“I’ve done my job in an effective manner,” Gottman said. “One thing slipped, but it hasn’t affected how I’ve worked.”

He said even though he’s been involved in other organizations like Activities Planning Board, his role in SGA was how he was really able to impact campus.

“I’ve messed up,” Gottman said, “but I want to continue working and do what I love. I want to help the university before I leave.”

Gottman requested The Shield to clarify the article to say that he did complete his office hours every week, and his impeachment is only because he did not complete the forms to say he did.

He said the charges brought up against him were not “filling out an office hour sheet.”

President Alexa Bueltel confirmed that all five charges stated earlier were correct.