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University bans hoverboards

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University Relations sent out an email Thursday stating all hoverboards are banned from campus.

A rise in reports of hoverboard-related fire incidents caused the university to make this decision.

“Effective immediately, the University has placed a ban on the use of and storage of hoverboards on all university property, including campus housing,” the email states. “As we are aware that these were popular holiday gift items, we are notifying you to refrain from bringing these to campus with you.”

The email goes on to state that if safety improvements to the contraptions are made, the university will consider revising the ban.

Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications Kindra Strupp said anyone found on campus with a hoverboard will be asked to remove the device from the university premises.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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University of Southern Indiana's student publication
University bans hoverboards