Getting in the flow

Gavin Gaddis

In a very special miniature column I briefly broach the topic of work- flow organization.

We’ve all been told to make schedules and plan out assignments. The powers that be say, “Plot everything ahead of time and nothing will go wrong.”

In my experience, I go home and make a big batch of dates on Google Calendar, carefully marking out each class and known assignment due date based on what I know the first week of the semester.

The problem comes when one loses focus of which projects are truly important. I myself fall into the trap of spending hours and hours on a fun project only worth a handful of points in one class, while a massive semester-long research paper stews unwritten in the back of my head.

Don’t be a dum-dum like me, take into consideration which assignments will take the most time, as well as how much they’re worth to you in the long run. It’s fun to have fun, but nuking a grade because you wanted to add a special sparkle to a weekly essay prompt isn’t worth it.

Trust me.