Rock the REC offers students a chance to explore

 Brandon Becker, a junior majoring in geology, climbs the rock wall in the RFWC.

Brandon Becker, a junior majoring in geology, climbs the rock wall in the RFWC.

Sarah Loesch

Rock the REC is gearing up to introduce students to all the Recreation Fitness and Wellness center has to offer.

Dave Enzler, director of the RFWC, said the event has been taking place for four years and is met with a growing success each year.

Enzler said word is spreading about the event more than it has in the past and anytime free food, activities and giveaways are offered it draws out a lot of students.

During the event students can explore different aspects of the REC.

Enzler said the event can relay to students that the REC offers more than just a place to exercise. It has study rooms, a gaming area, pool tables and a lot of other areas that appeal to students.

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday attendees will have the chance to observe and participate in some of the exercise classes that are taught at the REC.

Two intramural sports, pickelball and spikeball, will also be shown during this time. Both are two of the six new intramural sports being offered this year. This will offer students a chance to see if they are interested in participating in these two sports during the school year.

The climbing center will also be open and with video games for students to play.

Dinner will be provided during this time and will include hamburgers, veggie burgers, grilled chicken and hotdogs, along with sides.

Enzler said they prepare food with about 600 to 700 attendees expected.

At 9 p.m. “San Andreas” will be shown, which is provided by APB in conjunction with the RFWC.

The event takes planning, but Enzler said that is something they do on a regular basis, so it does not take more work than they are used to.

He said they will get to the event about four hours early to prepare but after it begins it “runs itself.”

At its start they take time to mingle and make sure everyone is introduced to all of the programs.

Enzler said there is always a certain number of students who use the RFWC no matter what and the event rewards them for that, but they also want to attract new students to the center.

The RFWC truly is a recreation center, he said, even though they know exercise is important, they want students to know they can do more there.

“You can recreate however you like,” Enzler said.

He said as long as it does not fall into the category of unhealthy or illegal, students can use the RFWC for many things.

Students should come hungry and ready to try as many things as they can, Enzler said, it’s a great night to come out and meet other students.