For non-graduates

Gavin Gaddis

Congratulations to the class of 2015.

There is material dedicated to you elsewhere in the paper. Do feel free to enjoy that whilst I have a word with my fellow students who aren’t going anywhere.

Are they gone?


Dear Screaming Eagles who are not flying from the nest this semester: You’re important, too.

With all of the soon-to-be graduates fluttering about campus in a whirlwind of last-minute preparations, fees, ticket woes and preparing for finals after graduation – I may be just a hooligan from a backwater community college, but I was under the impression that part of the celebration centers around being done with school.

Nevertheless, we are all still here. As a first-year junior, I notice a plethora of students doing “The Math” around this time every year.

You’ve probably done it by now. How many semesters until you graduate?

While at first “The Math” may be a fun way to identify with your collegiate career, later on it begins to atrophy.

I notice people’s tones shift more toward that of someone describing how many hours until their shift is over at Taco Bell.

While graduating is quite fun, college is even more enjoyable if you live in the moment.

Remember where you are: In a giant collection of people, some of which are like-minded individuals who are open to meeting new people and learning new ideas.

College isn’t the last chance you’ll have to make lasting friends, but it is an amazing place to find them easily.

My first article of the semester dealt with the importance of being involved on campus.

I took my own advice, now here I am.

I’m a Shieldster because of mentally psyching myself into trying something fun. I get to review movies and more than two of my Facebook friends actually read them, and I meet a lot of really interesting people around campus on a regular basis.

So why not pick yourself out of this ashes-to-ashes mentality and consider the fun you’ll be having next semester, next week or even this afternoon?

I went outside my grumpy commuter student box and found myself in a whole new collegiate world.

In the immortal words of LeVar Burton: You don’t take my word for it.

Go out and enjoy USI while you still can.