A.C.E. Project to add patio, benches at Eicher Barn

USI Shield Staff

Dillon Giesler, chairman of Altruistic Campus Experience, Sigma Pi’s national organization designated to improving university communities, will be working alongside fellow Greeks install two benches and a patio at Eicher Barn.

“It’s something to give back to the campus, for all (USI) does for us,” Giesler said. “We figured we’d try and make (Eicher Barn) a little bit nicer – make it where you don’t have to stand in the mud, and have somewhere to sit.”

To help in the cost of the project, ACE will sell be selling blocks April 18 through 26 that will be place on the patio.

Blocks cost $25 for a logo and two lines of text or three lines of text.

Giesler said ACE will also update the firepit.

ACE members will be constructing within the coming weeks and Giesler said he invites any students to lend a helping hand. To volunteer or purchase a block, email Giesler at [email protected]