Human rights group brings abortion topic to campus

Sarah Loesch

Created Equal, a non-profit organization, took to USI’s free speech zone Friday to talk to students about abortion.

The group posted large signs with pro-life messages and risque images between the Orr Center and the new USI Performance Center.

They started each conversation by asking students, “What do you think about abortion?”

Rebekah Wright, an intern at Created Equal and a college student in Columbus, Ohio, said the reaction is usually pretty mixed, but apathetic.

“They have a reaction, definitely, but I think a lot of it is internalized,” she said. “They aren’t really interested in conversation or thinking about it.”

Most students who stopped were interested in having a conversation, and the ones who weren’t would walk right by.

Freshman math teaching major Robert Buehner stopped to engage the group in a conversation and already had a stance.

He said any chance for pro-life support is great, and his viewpoint is that abortion should not be legal.

Buehner said he thinks it will take time to convince people with a pro-choice viewpoint, but he would like to see abortion made illegal.

Buehner’s viewpoint comes strongly from his Catholic faith, but the members of Created Equal do not market religion as a requirement.

Seth Drayer, director of training for Created Equal, said they come to campuses and other places in towns to provide visual evidence to help people make a decision on the topic of abortion.

Drayer said the reason they chose abortion was because it is killing the largest number of humans.

He said he knows the photos they show might be hard for people to see, but he thinks it is necessary.

“This is the truth in our signs,” Drayer said.

Protests like this take place all over the country on college campuses and the question arises, “Are college campuses the appropriate setting for these protests to take place?”

Freshman nursing major Samantha Antey said protests like these are fine for a college campus.

“As long as no one is yelling or being offensive, it is fine for them to be here and voice their views” she said.

Antey identifies with the pro-choice stance and believes there are circumstances, such as a baby conceived through rape, in which abortion is justified.

Wright said the group chooses college campuses because most abortions take place for women between the ages of 18 and 22.

She said this makes a college campus one of the most prevalent places to go to.

“These are the people this issue is relevant to,” Wright said.