Jessica Stallings

Julon Holmes, junior elementary education major, ordered his usual chicken, bacon, ranch flat bread personal pizza without tomatoes and chives at the C-Store on campus.

Holmes said if he orders pizza his wait could be twenty to thirty minutes but if he orders chicken strips it could be ten to fifteen minutes instead.

“The longest I have had to wait was over an hour,” Holmes said. “They said it was because they dropped my ticket.”

Recently Holmes said that after receiving his usual, he noticed something was missing – bacon.

“I’d rather wait longer to make sure my food is cooked correctly,” Holmes said.

Heather Schmitt, junior nursing major, also ordered a personal pizza right after Holmes.

Schmitt said the longest she has had to wait on an order from the C-Store was between forty-five minutes and an hour.

“Usually my orders can take anywhere between ten to thirty minutes,” Schmitt said.

Luckily, the wait wasn’t all that long and both of their orders were called out after ten minutes.