Exercise your right to vote

Brenna Wu

Homecoming is quickly approaching and there are several candidates hoping for your vote.

These individuals have worked extremely hard and endured applications, interviews, pictures, etc. in order to stand up and be proud of not only their school, but also themselves.

Having school pride is an admiral quality.

Even if you do not know any of the candidates on a personal level, I encourage you to look at their interviews to come to an informed decision when it comes time to cast your vote.

Homecoming is just within reach. I implore the students of USI to exercise their right to vote.

Support the candidate you want as either king or queen of the Homecoming Court.

I unfortunately missed the homecoming game last year due to my own athletic event, but I still voted for a king and queen.

I wanted to support the candidates who worked so hard to stand in front of the student body and express their gratitude to the university.

Students who do not vote for homecoming are like individuals that do not vote when a presidential election comes up.

Even the smallest voices could help determine the way the voting goes – giving extra strength to one candidate over another individual.

Voting is now open.

Show your spirit USI.