Library builds new study rooms: Waste of time, money

Brenna Wu


As I was going up the elevator in the library, I noticed a sign that read 12 new individual study rooms were recently built.

On my way to go proctor study hours, I went to check it out for myself.

Sure enough, 12 individual business-like cubicles were built for students. I was completely shocked at what I saw.

Who even asked?

If I am studying by myself, I choose to put my headphones in my ears while studying at my personal desk in my apartment.

If I choose to study with friends or members of my sorority, I usually go to the library and pick out a big study room or desks close to one another.

Heck, there is an entire lower level that is not even used and there are several open rooms down there for study purposes.

If a student organization orchestrated group studies in the lower level rooms, it would be a great show of power. Since many student organizations try to present themselves as being an organization of the people, it would definitely show the student population that they mean business and is an organization that is happy to make changes in the USI community.

Think about it.

Did the changes to the fourth floor really need to occur?

The library already has four floors with computers available for student use.

There are even quiet rooms where students can sit by themselves and study alone. What was the true purpose behind adding study rooms for just one individual?

There are tables and rooms all over the library that are technically secluded.

It was not necessary to use the extra building space and spending money in order to have more individual rooms for students.

The university has greater needs than just study rooms.

Student organizations – or even the university – need to look at what students need rather than what makes them look good to the general public.

For example, some students hate that we do not have certain sports teams at USI, which does cost a ton of money, but is truly something students want.

Other students have been looking for a solution to better the Wi-Fi on campus.

Money goes into fixing each of those problems.

Look at the real problems, USI.

The campus would be much better for it.