Spring into recruitment

Brenna Wu

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Most sororities are going into high stress mode as the dates for informal recruitment approach.

I went through formal recruitment in the fall, and I remember being stressed each day as a potential new member.

I felt so welcomed into each sorority, and to not be in one of the amazing sororities on campus would be devastating.

Now that I am in a sorority, I look forward to informal recruitment because I get to help girls find their sorority-ever-after just as I did.

This time around, I still feel a great stress, but in a different way, as I am now the New Member Director of the potential new members and want to do right by the new members in my sorority.

New potential young ladies should go through informal recruitment.

If one is curious as to how the sorority process goes, fall recruitment has great informative events, however most USI freshmen want to get the college experience first.

Sometimes, joining Greek Life during the first semester can be overwhelming.

Taking the first semester off and deciding to go through informal recruitment results in less stress on the individual.

The downside to this, though, is that the young lady does not fully join until the following semester.

Being in the sorority as an active member is a different story entirely.

While going through the formal events and getting to dress up can be fun, some just want something that is easy and natural.

Spring Recruitment is definitely the way to go for any woman.

It’s the easier, more natural way to meet the sisters of any sorority. It creates less stress, shows the true colors for the sorority and gives the individual time to really look at Greek Life to see whether or not the organization is the right fit.

You get to mingle with the young ladies of the sororities while truly finding yourself.

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