SGA to travel to Ball State for conference

Rachel Christian

USI’s Student Government Association (SGA) will travel to Ball State Saturday where they will make a bid to host the event next year’s Student Government Coalition.

This is the conference’s second year and it’s an event where student government associations from around Indiana gather to share and discuss ideas. There are currently 10 schools participating in the conference and about 160 people are expected to attend.

Alexa Bueltel, a junior marketing major and member of SGA, said she would like to see the conference hosted at USI next year.

“Last year when we went, some of the schools didn’t even know USI existed or where it was,” Bueltel said. “It would be a good opportunity for USI to host something like this.”

Bueltel wrote the proposal to host the conference next year. She said USI has an advantage over other schools because it’s smaller and easier to navigate. The proposal also includes ideas for workshops that SGA members have brainstormed

This year’s conference is also larger than last year’s. Bueltel said about twice as many schools are participating, which is another reason why she would like USI to win the bid.

“The conference gives SGA members from around the state a chance to brainstorm, problem solve and think of new ideas to try at their own school,” Bueltel said.

Last year Bueltel said USI heard an idea from Indiana State University to host a Gripe for Grub. The idea is students fill out a short survey with their information and what they do or don’t like about their school’s food. In return, they get a free ice cream sundae.

Bueltel said USI’s SGA was able to successfully implement this concept, and received great feedback from students about food services they may have not received otherwise.

SGA will have about 15 officers at the event, as well as the dean and assistant dean of students.