Be thankful for graduation application

Jake Tapley

I am grateful for the graduation application process.

For the majority of students who get this taken care of through their academic adviser, whom they have been meeting with every-so-often for the past three years or so, this op-ed isn’t necessarily for them.

To other like-minded liberal arts majors, this is certainly for them.

A few weeks ago, it dawned upon me that the deadline for graduation applications was quickly approaching. (I honestly didn’t even realize you had to apply because, apparently, I go through life with my head buried deep in dirt).

Anyway, I went up to the window at the Registrar’s Office and was told I had to set up a meeting with Arlene Fortune, which made complete sense because I had never even heard of her.

So I found her office on the third floor of the Liberal Arts Center, but she wasn’t there. Conveniently, though, there was a sign-up sheet outside her door to set up a meeting with her.

I left my contact information and waited, which brings me to this moment right here – the one that is happening as I write –  the one where I realize I might not graduate.