“Two Night Stand”

Jimmy Pyles


The plot of “Two Night Stand” is funny and original enough to make viewers believe something like it could really happen.

A lot of rom-coms have ridiculous plots that are completely unrealistic and just make me want to yell at the screen.
“Two Night Stand” is actually centered around a one night stand gone wrong. When Megan (Analeigh Tipton, “Crazy Stupid Love”) tries to leave but realizes she’s is snowed in, which forces her to actually get to know more about Alec (Miles Teller, “Rabbit Hole”).

This plot fulfills my fantasy that during a one-night stands a hook-up pair gets forced to stay longer than wanted due to inclement weather.

The main reason I started to watch was for Miles Teller because I enjoyed him in “That Awkward Moment” and “The Spectacular­ Now.” Like most of his roles, Teller is type-casted as the lovable smart ass, but it works, so I’ll allow it–since I can control these things.

The chemistry between Teller and Tipton makes this movie, from the first time the pair messages each other to Tipton dancing like a huge nerd while stoned. Like most rom-coms, many of the scenes are painful to watch just out of shear embarrassment and awkwardness, but their connection makes it sweet and humorous like when they share their sexual weaknesses with one another  to improve their lovemaking for the next person who comes along.

A bulk of the film takes place in Teller’s apartment/bedroom, which is pretty cool having the movie in one static location instead of having multiple flash backs, or any strange jumps between locations.

Although the plot is fairly original, the story line is that of a stereotypical rom-com, where the characters don’t care much for each other, then develop feelings, a minor plot twist occurs, they work it out, then happily ever after.

Despite the shaky plot and cheesy intro,”Two Night Stand” works because of Teller and Tipton’s charming chemistry.