“This Is All Yours”

Jake Tapley


If there is one thing that indie rock band Alt-J does well, it is create a sense of atmosphere.

Their debut album “An Awesome Wave,” which was notable for doing so, achieved critical success and managed to make a bit of a wave itself.

With “This Is All Yours,” they are sort of picking up where they left off in some ways.

Much like their previous release, the new record feels a bit like a concept album, meaning that it is best if listened to from beginning to end. It seems as though the band likely intended this both times because they crafted out an ambient, instrumental intro for each, along with various interludes and shifts in sonic form.

“This Is All Yours” jumps around from being mellow and smooth on tracks like “Choice Kingdom” to being violent and sharp on tracks like “Every Other Freckle,” which is one of my personal favorites.

I think this works well in giving the record contrast and making it feel like a near cinematic experience. Each rise and fall seems to be significant, which gives the album some weight to it.

The only major problem with this album is that, when listened to, one track at a time instead of altogether, certain parts of “This Is All Yours” stand out over others.

Lead single “Hunger of the Pines,” which samples a line from the song “4×4” by Miley Cyrus, is dynamic and exciting. One of the more organic sounding tracks on the album, “Left Hand Free,” speaks to a funkier, soulful rock-and-roll sound that is both edgy and fun.

Ultimately, what Alt-J decided, when they made “This Is All Yours,” is that they wanted to make another album that both fans and music critics alike could debate and revel over and weren’t necessarily as concerned with making an album that is accessible.