New nail polish could empower women

Brenna Wu

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Four male undergraduate students at North Carolina State University developed a nail polish for women that will change color if a date rape drug is present in their drink.

The intention of the nail polish is for women to have the polish on and stir their drink with their finger. If the nail polish changes color, it contains a date rape drug.

Though the nail polish is still in the theory stage, it hasn’t prevented opinions from swirling around the internet trying to make sense of what might eventually be a “safe tool” for women everywhere.

A majority of students feel safe as far as walking to class at night or even in broad daylight when other students are around, but the night scene away from campus is a different story.

It’s college. Parties happen often on the weekends, and most students go into parties with the mindset of letting loose and doing whatever they want or drinking whatever feels good.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party, but sometimes parties can get out of hand in more ways than one.

For women who do love to go out but want to be cautious, the nail polish would be a good idea. It provides that security net that some individuals look for when going out to parties or going out to bars.

Unfortunately, some women believe the nail polish is hindering them.

I recently read an article about how certain women feel as if their right to protect themselves is being taken away from them.

Their “empowerment of protection” is gone.

The website, “One in Four,” states five percent of women on college campuses experience rape; this percent is only on campus.

But what happens off campus?

Students are students wherever they go.

The nail polish idea is in the works, and I want to see where it goes in the future. Women should have a security back up just in case.

Things are not always what they seem in this world, and no one should have to take a chance on that.