Jimmy Pyles


With 5 million units sold on the first day, “Destiny,” the newest game from Bungie—the creators of the popular “Halo” video game series—is shaping up to contend with its groundbreaking predecessor.

“Destiny” is the combination of a first person shooter game and a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

When “Destiny” released free to beta for a limited time July 22, what first caught my eye was its gorgeous visuals. The opening scene is enough to hook anyone instantly.

Although, it’s not merely the cut scene that makes the game so amazing, it’s the overall feel of the environment throughout game play.

With the premiere of “Halo,” Bungie proved they could create convincing, realistic worlds.

The games MMORPG aspect proves versatile as it allows the player to customize his or her character with body armor, weapons and special abilities, based on the character’s class—along with many smaller features.

The accomplishments of Bungie don’t stop there. “Destiny’s” score and sound effects range from the intense instrumentals heard during a fire to the soft, subtle music crooned while traipsing the moon.

The appearance of Peter Dinklage, who voices a character named Ghost, shows how much money Bungie put out for top-notch characters.

The only problem with the game is its dull storyline, which leaves more questions than answers. Hopefully, through Bungie’s updates and planned expansions, answers will be provided.

“Destiny” is visually stunning. With game play that goes far beyond its story line, the multiplayer crucible and endless character customizations, gamers can enjoy “Destiny” for a long time.