Campus Store textbooks cost arm and leg

Brenna Wu

Last Monday and Tuesday, the Campus Store was packed from front to back with eager students waiting to get their textbooks and the last minute school supplies they needed.

While waiting in line, most students realized just how much of their money was being spent on their textbooks.

One of the girls on the tennis team told me that she spent over $200 on just one textbook. She told me the textbook, for a sports management class, was brand new, and her professor had not sent out an email or anything to inform the students.

Anatomy 121 students are going through something of a similar nature as well. The course requires a brand new textbook with a new lab guide and a new connection code for online homework. Several students were extremely frustrated about the money being spent on these new textbooks because they weren’t available in other stores or on other websites.

So why are students spending so much money at the campus store?

Each student has a $1,000 to place purchases on, but this account is only if students have no school bill and financial aid is in order. It allows students to buy things at the Campus Store and put the receipt on the account. The Campus Store would like the majority to be spent on textbooks, but other items like clothing and school supplies can be put onto the account as well. Unfortunately, though, this money is not just free money. Eventually, the money will need to be paid off either through financial aid or through personal money.

For the past week and a half, I have heard nothing but students constantly complaining about the ridiculous prices at the Campus Store. I hate that I feel as if I am “spending an arm and a leg” on these textbooks.

Plus, when looking at textbooks on the Campus Store’s website, there is a small note for the used book prices which states that there are only so many in the campus store – so “first come, first serve.” There are only so many used textbooks whereas there is an overflow of new textbooks, when it should be vice versa. Students should be warned in advance about the Campus Store.

The Campus Store takes money away from these students, especially the new freshmen and transfer students. I learned from my mistakes my freshmen year. I hope other individuals see the extremity of the Campus Store and find cheaper books in the near future. But, if you want to get the best new, shiny books with no tears, rips, or small notes written in the pages, then the Campus Store is the right place for you.