Valley Vibrations: “Jazzy” band to play at PG, release EP

Bobby Shipman

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A fan of Sexy, etc.’s once described their sound as “The prom night dumpster baby of spoon in the hollies.”

“I think there’s a little bit there that fits to an extent. I feel like the ‘prom night dumpster baby’ part makes us sound like a punk band and we’re not at all,” said Jeremy Graham, Sexy, etc. drummer.

Graham, Brent Sigler and Zach Zint began performing as Sexy, etc. in October of 2012, during a tribute series at Penny Lane.

The jazzy, down beat, alt pop band, now near completion of its first EP, is excited about their most recent song “Avoid the Light.”

The song centers around Graham’s and his girlfriend’s interaction at a bar with a middle-aged man audacious enough to refer to himself as “Lovercat”

“Avoid the Light” takes a satirical turn most of Sexy, etc.’s lyrics do not.

The three-man band plans to debut the song during a show at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 30 at PG. Sexy, etc. will go on second after The Hungry Ears, a funk rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and before solo artist Gabriel King Neville.

“Lyrically, I feel it’s a lot of like reminiscing on bullshit I dealt with in high school and college and stuff,” said Sigler, lead vocalist, bass and head songwriter of the group. “Usually around like relationships.”

The music comes from a collaborative “organic” effort by the whole band building off of Sigler’s initial inspirations, many of which he pulls from his favorite author Jerzy Kosiński.

“A lot of themes in his books pull from sexual themes outside of a sexual relationship and stuff that surrounds that,” Sigler said. “A lot of our songs end up being about sex and sexual relationships without the physical part of them. There’s always like a social, emotional part. They’re usually down trodden and sad.”

On the contrary, their music’s upbeat melodies create a unique distinction.

“That’s something I admire about Brent’s lyrics compared to the music we write,” Zint said. “The contrast between them. I feel like that has its own effect in-and-of itself.”

Zint is the keyboardist for Sexy, etc. and also plays for the band Thunder/Dreamer, which recently took a hiatus from performing. He also writes music as a solo artist.

PG is located on Franklin Street across from Lamasco’s Bar and Grill.