“All You Can Do”

Jimmy Pyles

Word artist and rapper Watsky released a third studio album Aug. 12.

The 16-track album, “All You Can Do,” is just as amazing as its predecessor, “Cardboard Castles,” which is a solid album from beginning to end.

“All You Can Do” doesn’t feed you the same tired beat tracks with substance-less rhymes like a lot of the rap music on the market. It blends many types of music to make beats that I didn’t know could be rapped to.

The first track “All You Can Do (feat. Jimetta Rose)” was the best choice to kick off the album.

The song starts with string orchestral music followed by trumpets that let you know the King of Wit has arrived. It showcases just how clever Watsky is with his words as he flows through free-style type verses.

“Whoa Whoa Whoa” shows the full range of Watsky’s speed and abilities as a rapper.

As the most straight forward song on the album, “Whoa Whoa Whoa” has a constant beat track and chorus, but Watsky’s verses are far from simple as they hit hard and fast. If you’re going to pick one song on the album to listen to, make it this one.

The album features nine other artists throughout, which makes it much more dynamic with each track, giving it a feel and a vibe while experimenting with alternate styles of music, like in “Stand for Something (feat. Anderson Paak)” and “Never Let It Die.”

Watsky said in a YouTube video that he wanted the album to be a tribute to his parents, and that because of this, the album cover would be a photo of his father, poet Paul Watsky, and his cat, Saruman.

Watsky isn’t for everyone, but if you prefer smart and meaningful music over the swag-filled garbage on today’s radio, give “All You Can Do” a spin.