USI, better yourself

Brenna Wu

As the year winds down, students are getting ready for finals, organizations are closing down business and students are counting down the days until summer vacation.

As a freshman, this year was awesome.

USI welcomed me with open arms, and I truly feel as if I am a new member in the Eagles family.

I look forward to my upcoming years here at USI. To the graduates, I congratulate you on all of your successes and look forward to hearing from some of you in the future.

I already have next school year in my mind and what I want to accomplish, what I want to join and how I plan on studying better.

Student organizations, I want to challenge you to be bigger and better next school year.

The one thing freshman complain about are weekend events. Every organization should plan events for a specific week and have all of the students get involved in USI – not just APB or SGA or the RFWC. Other organizations should think of something to plan.

I also want to challenge the library, as well as academic skills, to set up something for students who are struggling.

Yes, there are always tutoring hours and people willing to help students, but some struggle to even get there because they choose not to.

We need to look into something mandatory to get these students on the right academic track.

Maybe academic skills needs to look for a certain night a week mandatory for students who may have a D or below in a certain class.

I want USI to become bigger and better than what it already is.

Upcoming seniors, make your mark on USI as you conclude your final chapters here. And for classes after them, look for opportunities to lead.

Let’s finish this year strong so we can look forward to a new spectacular school year!

Have a good summer Eagles!