Jimmy Pyles

“Diamonds” is the highly anticipated LP from husband and wife duo Johnnyswim.

The chemistry between Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano makes this record great with their amazing separate ranges, but the way their voices blend together while they harmonize is a thing a beauty. The writing on this album is spectacular in the way their lyrics fit their vocals and their style of music.

Their folky-blues-pop sound is on trend with many other acts like The Civil Wars and Mumford and Sons, but is still very different in how they serve up their sound by pacing the album like a four course meal instead giving you everything up front like a buffet.

The instrumentals of the first track, “Diamonds,” welcome you to the record with great power, but the introduction of their vocals makes you want to stay. After hearing “Diamonds,” I was hooked and excited as to what I would hear next.

“You and I” is a great back-and-forth between Ramirez and Sudano that is a perfect representation of their sound and range with a dominate kick drum through the whole track, keeping you engaged.

Although the album is great and each song could stand on its own, I miss the energy that brought me to listen to the album in the first place. “Diamond” and “Home” are the only songs that got my toes tappin’, but that’s my only problem with the record. I like their more upbeat folk sound.

“Diamonds” is their first full-length studio album after their “Heart Beats” EP, which hooked many fans after it’s success. After listening to this record, I can see why.