Sodexo not student friendly

Brenna Wu

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When coming to USI, freshmen have many concerns like laundry, textbooks and studying.

Usually, one would love to think about the college food life but, unfortunately, meal plans are the worst part of USI.

Sodexo offers several meal plans to both on campus students and commuters.

Freshmen living in the residence halls are required to choose a Red, Blue or White meal plan.

The Red, White and Blue plans are required for freshmen due to their lack of kitchens. Sodexo also offers commuters or students living in campus apartments those plans as well as Titanium, Platinum and Gold plans. The Titanium, Platinum and Gold plans offer more Munch Money and Dining Dollars.

Some students complain every day about the burdens of Sodexo on their meal accounts.

Why does The Loft charge so much and how much money should someone spend on one meal? For example, how much food does Sodexo consider a meal? Some students will want to get just a sandwich and chips, which is not even considered a meal in Sodexo’s mind. A true meal consists of a main course with two sides and a drink. Now, how many people even eat that much?

And, with new freshmen coming in, the questions only get worse.

Parents and students may be confused by the plans no matter the amount of pamphlets or the number of lectures students will hear at orientation about them.

Students really just want something simple.

In college, the last thing we need to worry about is how much Munch Money or Dining Dollars we have. As an orientation leader, one question we get quite often concerns the difference between Munch Money and Dining Dollars. After explaining that one turns into the other once one runs out, the parents and students are still confused.

Why doesn’t Sodexo simplify the plans to include just money for all of USI’s food locations? A uniform plan will definitely be welcomed by the students on campus, so there will not be any more confusion. I worry about the future Sodexo may have due to the lack of support received from students. Honestly, I am truly surprised that no one has written anything about Sodexo in my first year at USI.

To save confusion, we need to simplify meals and shift toward what the students really need.