End animal bias

Bobby Shipman

For the majority of my life, I engaged in heathen-esque behavior.

As a young lad who sampled various sports throughout middle school, I developed an appetite for all foods – especially meats.

I was the kid at Golden Corral who piled his plate full of murdered meat slabs and sides of carcass trimmings.

My outlook on animal treatment has changed drastically since then.

Although I have adopted the vegan lifestyle, I do not judge those not following suit. However, I do become frustrated by those who play favorites.

Why does the thought of bludgeoning an adorable seal or caging an orca send chills down one’s spine, but nail gunning a defenseless pig in the head or keeping a cow stagnant in one spot while it is brutally milked for a product that can be obtained humanely remain acceptable?

This thought process is called animal bias, or at least that is what I call it.

People don’t want to know what goes on behind the scenes in the making of their favorite meals.

Why? They want to be able to eat those meals in peace.

In a perfect world, the consumption of meat would be miniscule and organic.

Since this is not the case, I only ask that if you are going to continue to consume meat, own up to it.

If seeing an animal suffer makes you squirm as you eat your greasy hamburger, then you should probably rethink your priorities and re-evaluate your life.

I’m sure there are those who may read this article, agree and say, “Yeah, you tell ‘em!” The same people will then go order a boat of cheesy fries for lunch.

You’re just as bad.

If anything, you’re worse.

The conditions and treatment of animals to get the milk that becomes the yellow substance on your deep-fried potato sticks is far worse.

At least animals rounded up and assassinated for their innards are being put out of their misery.

Cheese and egg producers are kept alive and miserable.

Again, I am not discouraging those who choose to eat meat, eggs, cheese, etc.

I am simply saying don’t condemn a bank robber if you shoplift on the daily.