Counseling Center fee worth it

Jake Tapley

My first thought when I read about the proposed student fee to help fund the counseling center was, “Why another fee?”

Upon examining any student bill, it is clear that these relatively small sums – this particular fee probably being no less than $15 and no more than $20 – add up to a much larger cumulative sum. But even still, it seems like it has to be worth it.

I know that many college students already have enough financial problems as it is, but this is a considerably small amount of money for a considerably great cause.

Instituting this fee would mean that the counseling center could afford to hire on new counselors and other staff in order to facilitate the growth that is needed.

Currently, there is a student demand for a more efficient and effective counseling presence on campus. And I, for one, think this demand should be met.

If the job of the university is to aid students, why shouldn’t we help them in doing their job?

I really don’t think it’s asking too much.

In fact, I would gladly give the money directly out of my wallet if it insured that every student’s mental and emotional needs were being met.

But it’s easy to lose perspective and forget what’s actually important. It’s easy to be selfish and get caught up in your own life and your own problems.

So think of it this way: this doesn’t just affect you. It affects everyone.

I affects students who don’t have financial problems and those who do have financial problems, students who will never need the counseling service and those who will need the counseling service.

It affects students like you.

Of course, it would be nice if this additional funding could be provided by either the federal or state government.

But if it can’t, I think it’s best we take the hit. I think it’s best we choose our fights and count our blessings.

There’s no point in losing two battles.