Jake Tapley

Continuing in the spirit of nostalgia, I thought I would follow up my Kaiser Chiefs review with an old obsession of mine: Chiodos.

With the return of former vocalist Craig Owens and former drummer Derrick Frost, the guys in the six-piece post-hardcore band are back to their natural form.

Their fourth studio release, “Devil” sees the band exploring familiar territory while also charting some new ground.

In terms of quality and consistency of sound, the album beckons comparison to the band’s debut release, “All’s Well That Ends Well.” Right off the bat, “U.G. Introduction” brings back their somewhat theatrical album structure to the forefront.

The songs “Ole Fish Lips Is Dead Now” and “Behvis Bullock” continue a return to an older, pre-2007 sound.

In these songs, there are more harsh vocals – namely the brutal sounding screaming common in the band’s earlier work – and less traditional music arrangements.

This is honestly what comes to mind when I think of the term “post-hardcore.”

Sonically, the album feels much more like “Bone Palace Ballet.” The songs are tighter and possess more of a power-pop approach to the vocal hooks.

In particular, songs like “Why The Munsters Matter” and “Duct Tape” nod to this kind of production.

Even still, songs like the ridiculously catchy “3 AM” bring a pop-punk element into the mix, showing a band willing to grow and expand its sound.

There isn’t a song on the album that feels out of place.

Though the band has strayed from their original sound substantially, I still find the overall effect of “Devil” to be true to the band I fell in love with back in 2006.