“Education, Education, Education & War”

Education, Education, Education & War

Jake Tapley

I first heard of the Kaiser Chiefs back in 2006. I was in middle school and their indie-punk anthem, “I Predict a Riot,” had achieved mainstream success in the U.S. – finding its way to alternative rock syndication around the country.

A year or two later, I heard the song “Ruby” from their critically-acclaimed sophomore album, “Yours Truly, Angry Mob.” And then, I didn’t hear about them for a while, until recently.

With the release of their fifth studio album “Education, Education, Education & War,” I don’t think the Kaiser Chiefs have necessarily rekindled their old flame. However, I do think they have created a versatile, accessible and enjoyable album.

The second track and lead single, “Coming Home,” is a slow anthem with a driving chorus. It isn’t my favorite on the album, but it works because the songs positioned around it have a change of pace.

The track “Misery Company” is more upbeat and almost functions as a better single. But then again, there doesn’t seem to be a single song on “Education, Education, Education & War” that stands out as being catchier or more worthy of radio play. They’re all good. They’re all different.

Some are maybe better than others, but they don’t stay with me as long as I would like. There isn’t a “Ruby.”

Ultimately, the album is extremely consistent on a sonic level – but maybe almost too much. I am left remembering only bits and pieces.

For the best experience, I would suggest a close listening.