Student organizations need point system

Brenna Wu

Within one of my leaderships programs, we do workshops every Monday.

During a recent workshop, we focused on motivating people in club organizations to get more involved and not be just a lump on the log.

We also talked about the different types of people in the organization.

For example, you have those individuals who work hard to accomplish anything and everything, and then you have those at the bottom who are just there to reap the benefits.

But, then you have a middle group that teeter-totters around the top and bottom.

The whole presentation was focused on how to better the middle people.

USI has a multitude of clubs and organizations around campus ranging from student development programs to Greek life to intramural athletic teams.

The question most people face is either how to keep members going in the group or how to attract new members.

One solution that most organizations do is through point systems.

Point systems allow the group members to be flexible in what they need to attend such as meetings, service projects, social events, etc.

The point system requires members to attend events and get more involved within their student club.

For example, the Honors Program is considering implementing a point system in order to encourage member attendance at meetings and social events, as well as service projects around the Evansville region.

I really like the idea of having a more strict system within student clubs.

I am one who doesn’t like the people who never show at the meetings but are the first ones to show at a social event.

Some clubs do not necessarily have to do this system, but there are many ways to keep the organizations’s numbers up.