Stop complaining, do something

Brenna Wu

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USI, to some, is a second home. For me, I have loved getting involved on campus through athletic teams, student development programs and even some campus organizations.

I know for certain the experiences I have made at USI will carry me throughout the future.

The friends I have made, the classes I have taken and the activities I have enjoyed will always be in the back of my mind.

Unfortunately for some at USI, home is not the first feeling. Within the past two weeks, I have heard individuals complaining about the campus.

The complaints include the following: there are not enough activities on the weekends, the clubs and organizations are boring, there are not good athletic teams, there is no football team, etc.

It is sad to say that I hear somebody complaining about something on the campus.

One of the biggest complaints I have recently heard concerns the artist chosen for SpringFest.

The SpringFest committee worked extremely hard to plan the event, and some people are responding with hatred.

Yet, they refuse to do anything about it. I, too, am known for complaining without doing something.

But I have started to act and see what I can do for students as well as myself.

I get tired of people spreading gossip or just spreading hatred around the campus.

There are many organizations for students to join that allow students to air their voice.

The Student Government Association, as well as the Student Development Office, works to give students their voice back but only if the students are willingly to take the chance.

I have always lived by the philosophy, ‘if you have something to say, you better say it.’ Let your voice be heard.