Cyberbullying still issue in college

Brenna Wu

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Most  have the unfortunate luck in experiencing bullying in grade school and high school. Some people might have been picked on for their physical features, academic abilities or even athletic skills.

Cyberbullying is even worse – picking on people on the Internet for everyone to see.

With cyberbullying, nothing is hidden. Everything is in full view for potential employers, college admissions, as well as family and friends to see.

As people go into college that idea fades away because most  are interested in meeting new people and learning about the college campus.

As incoming freshmen, most students are either added, or get added, to a page called USI Class of whatever 2017, 2018, etc.

I found the page to be so helpful whenever I had questions, or even if I needed a pool of students to survey for a paper.

I loved how useful and safe I felt talking to a bunch of “strangers” that I never met before.

Already this semester, two incidences have occurred that made me feel unsafe and terrified.

The first “post” involved a joke towards Homecoming and why the campus felt the need to have it.

This post caused numerous complaints on the website and it seemed as if students were verbally arguing with one another.

The post was later taken down, but then another post was put up asking why a certain student, who started the Homecoming rant, was removed from the group.

Many students, including myself, noted that some felt uncomfortable. And the response to myself and another girl on campus was to go f*ck ourselves.

Many other students came in, but at that moment I felt scared.

This page is focused on the sole purpose to let students ask questions and make friends, but if these events continue what is the university going to do? Maybe the idea of bullying never actually died. To some, it still fuels fire in their hearts. Should we as a campus project that image? Definitely not.