“Justice League: War”

USI Shield Staff

Prepare yourself for an invasion that is changing everything comic book fans thought they knew about the Justice League.

Set in DC’s New 52 universe, “Justice League: War” is an animated action flick that introduces you to the newest Justice League origin story.

People throughout America are missing thanks to aliens with a funny resemblance to the monkeys from “The Wizard of Oz.” This is all it takes to bring together the mightiest heroes for their first bout against the war-mongering Darkseid.

With an evil plan to reform the planet and turn humankind into mind-controlled monsters, Darkseid won’t let anything get in his way – not even Superman.

Something that bothers me is the alien invasion story that seems to keep showing up in every super hero movie as part of their driving force for over-the-top fight scenes.

Why do buildings have to be destroyed and why is America the only country to be invaded? It’s just getting old.

I fear that the “Man of Steel” sequel will have a similar story with a different villain but hopefully not.

What I really enjoyed were the jabs characters take at each other.

Dialogue like the Green Lantern and Superman making fun of Batman for just being a crazy person in a mask, Wonder Woman ironically yelling at Shazam to stop acting like a child or Batman giving everyone a hard time for not being as smart as him are just a few of my favorite moments.

“Justice League: War” isn’t the best DC animated adaption, but it will definitely scratch that itchy anticipation for the Man of Steel sequel with the unofficial title “Batman vs. Superman.”