Why I choose to wait until marriage

Brenna Wu

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When coming to college, everything changes for a freshman. New classes, new friends, and new professors. It’s a whole new life.

Some see college as the gateway to their future. Others see it like the movie “American Pie” –  parties all the time, drinking and drugs, and always something to do on the weekend.

One of the biggest things about college is values. They define who someone is. Just a few weeks ago, a friend came to me hurt that some guy was trying to pressure her into having sex with him and just fool around. Her morals told her the situation was wrong and inappropriate.

She told the guy no, and he told her she could leave. I supported her decision 100 percent. When it comes to this particular topic, it is somewhat controversial depending on who you talk to.

Many individuals choose to save sex for marriage because their religious values tell them marriage is the right place for it because you are with someone you love.

I, being Catholic, agree with this without a doubt. But, I believe there is more than just religion that is “preventing” me from giving myself up.

I want to share my whole self with my future spouse, rather than just whatever it is left from other individuals.

I want to love the person I give myself to, not just some person I may or may not like in college. I honestly hope other people in the world see themselves like this as well.

It is my belief God wanted His children to be happy and have great lives.

I think waiting until marriage should be for the sake of true love and self confidence. People should look within themselves to really see if waiting is worth it in the end.

Should someone save all of himself or herself for his or her future spouse? I would like to think so.