USI should make CPR certification a requirement

Brenna Wu

Imagine this scenario: you’re walking down the street, and you hear sirens going off. What do you do? Run towards the scene to assist or run away from the scene?

Most people choose to run toward the scene to help with the individuals who are injured.

You arrive and see a little girl bleeding from a huge cut on her arm, and you see her mother slowly losing consciousness.

You start to address the little girl but have no idea how in the world to help her. What do you do? A majority of college campuses offer CPR certified training through an instructor in the physical activities department.

USI has courses that are offered, as well as some free courses, if people are willing to learn.

In the world today, an accident happens every second, and people need to be prepared if they are close to the scene or need to be of some assistance to the person.

As a graduation requirement, USI should require that CPR and first aid training be mandatory for graduation.

In the CPR and first aid classes I attend, there are several skills tests that we must pass in order to pass the class and receive our card for CPR certified training.

Some skills include properly taking off gloves, giving CPR to a victim, addressing wounds and bruises and even knowing how to wrap sports injuries.

Parents would love the idea of their children becoming CPR and first-aid trained before they go out into the “real world.”

Starting with USI, schools all over the country should have classes to prepare their students for accidents and instead of standing idling by. They can jump into action and help.