Students need to show more support for athletics

Brenna Wu

It has come to my attention that most of USI’s school spirit is put into extra-curricular activities, which is great for the university, but what about the athletic teams around campus?

Coming into my first year at USI, I expected basketball games to be packed with a student section cheering different chants and different types of themes at each game. My high school was greatly known for their insane school spirit at athletic events. We even had a particular club that organized people going to all the athletic events and cheering for the team.

But, college has shown me differently.

On a retreat this weekend, one of my mentors told me that she was chastised for cheering for the players at a basketball game. I was immediately shocked at how little USI supports the athletic teams around the campus.

To become a well-rounded campus, USI needs to look at expanding the spirit for athletics.

I know, on campus, there is RedZone, which is basically a cheer zone for sporting events. But, I rarely see that particular group at certain sporting events. I think I have seen them once during the fall at a soccer game with red-painted faces.

What about supporting the rugby team, the basketball team and the tennis team? A great chunk of students who recently graduated high school are very involved in sporting events, but I fear once they come to USI, a good majority will be turned off at how little invested the student body is with their fellow athletes.

USI already gives students free admission, which is a bonus, but maybe the RedZone needs to look into advertising to get people to support the teams at USI. They might do things which could include having a student punch card and after so many punches, the students may get something free from the athletic side of USI.

USI definitely needs to look into our sporting teams and the great contribution they give to the name USI!