USI needs more weekend events

Brenna Wu

USI has a ton of student activities around campus. Students can join clubs, participate in athletic intramural sports, or even join leadership programs to help further USI’s development.

Yet, I am starting to find that USI offers very few events on the weekend for students to participate in.

Free films are held on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but nothing really gets the students more involved.

That being said, I believe this is one of the reasons why students feel the need to go home on the weekends.

USI needs to start offering more than just movies on the weekend. USI could maybe look into having more activities in the PAC or RWFC once or twice a month.

Or maybe USI could do events with fraternities and sororities that involve more students. USI could even do a fair every so often to remind students of what is available to them on campus.

These little ideas are just the beginning of having more weekend student activities.

With more activities on the weekend, students will find more reasons to stay here and enjoy the campus and all it has to offer. Students definitely need more than just a film on Saturdays to keep them in town.